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Highline Automotive Testimonials

"With all the work I need on my cars, Pete's service center is the only place I will go. They fix my cars fast and efficient and keep me on the road. I don't know what I would do without them."

Greg D.

"I would like to say a good word for a neighborhood repair shop in Burbank, Pete's service center. I like how they tell you what needs to be repaired first. They show you why and also show you what might be wearing out, or might need to be replaced in the near future, so you can save money or make time in your scheduale to care for the maintenance of your car. I have never had to take my car back for a second time after a repair. I also have never felt taken advantage of or over-charged. Thanks again to Brad and Tony!"

Steve M.

"We would like to say that we are completely satisfied on every level with the quality of work and prices at Pete's Service Center. We have been customers to this family-owned business for over 20 years now and entrust all of our vehicles to Pete's. Not only have they been able to diagnose and repair every issue our vehicles have ever had, from the simplest tweak to much more complicated matters, they provide other services as well. The sell and install new tires, and may I add they beat every tire place's price in town.

The quality of their work and the competitive prices they offer make them stellar in my book but one last quality is the cherry on the sundae for us and that is complete trust. This is a profession where you are never quite sure if you are being "taken for a ride" so to speak and I never have to worry about that at Pete's. The owners Tony and Tina are simply the nicest people, and are professional and accessible at all times as they have a hands-on approach to running the business along side all of their employees. I feel comfortable speaking to them as every customer is treated with respect, no matter how much they understand the mechanics of their vehicle.

They completely assess the vehicle's issues from headlights to muffler and don't proceed with any work without the customer's complete compliance. They will also tell you that down the road, you may need this or that, but you are never pressured into work you don't need nor do they use scare tactics ("Your brakes may go out while you're driving") to up the price or get you to do unnecessary work. I am always surprised by the estimate they give me as I always expect it to be higher.

I don't know what we would do without our wonderful Pete's in our lives because over the years, we've had many used cars that have needed a lot of work. I think one thing I will always remember was when our daughter had to make a 1000 mile trip and her car had issues the night before. Tony had us bring it in right away and they worked on it asap for hours until it was fixed. As a dad, he understood how important it was that our daughter be driving a safe vehicle such a far distance. Knowing Tony and his crew repaired the car, we had no worries as she left safely on her travels."

Tom & Louise B.

"Pete's Service Center is the only place I will take my car now. The service they provide is unbeatable. Their work is top of the line and the attitude of the employees and the owner is unquestionably kind and respectful. Being female and totally in the dark about the mechanics of a car, I've always felt somewhat taken advantage of by shops and mechanics in regards to pricing and what work is truly needed on my vehicle. So, most importantly to me, is that I can trust my mechanic. Pete's has proven time and time again to be honest and trustworthy in all areas, whether it be parts, pricing, timing or wait time. Best in the business!"

Theresa P.

"Our oldest daughter (23) was in Countryside, Ill for a six month internship. We live in southeastern Indiana, 20 miles from Cincinnati, Oh. That is five hours away from Countryside. When she had car issues we had no idea where to turn. We knew NO ONE anywhere near there. I suggested she ask the people she was working with and they directed her to Highline Auto. From the first visit (there were three or four total!) she was treated with dignity and respect. They truly made her feel comfortable and welcome. They diagnosed and fixed the problem and with all honestly, charged less than I would have expected.

Given her first experience, there was not a doubt where she would go for a simple oil change and a bearing repair when that happened, which was the day before she was to drive home for Easter. She experienced some issues when she first got on the interstate, ended up taking it back right then, that evening, and they gave it the OK to drive home, which she did the next morning. **IMPORTANT** About an hour or so into her drive, she got a call from Highline Auto checking on her, her car and making sure everything was ok.

This care and concern puts them at the TOP of my list of not only wonderful business people, but wonderful PEOPLE! She needed a couple new tires and although it certainly would have been fine to wait until she moved home (ONE MORE WEEK!) we wanted to give that bit of business to Highline Auto because of the AWESOME way they took care of our daughter when we were so far away. What a relief knowing that there ARE good and gracious people who WILL look out for your kid, on their own for the first time, with no thought of taking advantage.

Thank you doesn't convey how grateful we are for helping our daughter when she was so far away. If it's consolation at all, I have absolutely told these stories to my friends and family here, so who knows how far word of mouth can travel!

Thank you!"

Julie and Nick N.